Frequently Asked Questions

Was Dealer Bookings really created by someone who understands our business?
YES! The creator of Dealer Bookings ran one of the top casino party companies in the nation. He was a president of the local ISES chapter and a member of many other professional organizations. He took a pencil and paper company and modernized it by automating it on the computer. After 7 years he sold his company and is now a full time web programmer. He knows how casino party companies work.
How long has Dealer Bookings been around?
We've been successfully helping casino party companies since 2007. Our system is stable and has helped companies efficiently book thousands of dealers on parties.
Are you really designed just for casino party companies?
YES! Our website was designed from the ground up just for casino parties. You won't get a re-worked over system originally made for caterers or event planners. Casino party companies have unique needs, and we help you by giving you the features you need.
Do you really charge only $30 per month? What's the catch?
There is no catch. You get unlimited dealers, unlimited parties, unlimited games, and more for one flat low monthly rate of $30. NO long term contracts & NO sign up fee. If you want to quit your subscription will end on your next monthly renewal date. If you want to save even more money, we offer discounts for 3 month, 6 month and anual subscriptions!
How can I see who is booked to work a party?
There are several ways. You can go into the Book Dealers section for the event and view the list. You can also print a list that is handy to bring to the party.
What about canceling dealers?
It's unfortunate when a party downsizes, but it happens. Our system allows you to easily cancel dealers, and even gives you the option to send them an automatic email letting them know.
Can dealers see a party even if it is full?
Yes. But, they can't book themselves to any games, however there is a wait list feature that lets you know they are interested if another dealer cancels.
Speaking of dealers canceling, how can they let me know if they can't work a party they already signed up for?
If a dealer has to cancel, they simply log in to their current events and easily cancel. Both you and the dealer are then automatically sent an email letting you know.
What if a dealer books an event and I don't want them on this party?
With our system, all bookings done by a dealer are "pending". You and the dealer will both get a notice of the pending booking. The dealer will be told that the booking is pending until YOU confirm it. To confirm bookings you go into the event roster and change each dealer from "pending" to "confirmed". If you want, an automatic email can be sent to the dealer letting them know of the confirmation.
Can dealers see information such as the location of the party or my client's name before I confirm them?
NO- until YOU confirm a dealer on a party, all they can see are the date of the party, the city, and the games that are available that they are rated to deal.
Can I give my "A" dealers the chance to book before my "B" dealers?
Absolutely. You can rank all your dealers, then open a party up to dealers based on their ranks. For example you could let your "A" dealers know about a party 30 days out, and your "B" dealers know about it 20 days out. The system automatically sends them an email at the appropriate time. Also, until a party opens up for a dealer's rank, the party is not visible on the dealer's calendar.
What if I don't want dealers to see a particular event at all, and I want to book the dealers myself?
We've got that covered. You can set the system so that no ranks can see a party, then book the dealers yourself in the dealer roster section. Once a dealer is booked, you can send them an automatic email, and the event will then appear on their calendar.
Sometimes dealers forget about an event. How can I remind them?
You can set the system up to send as many reminder messages as you want. You tell the system how many days before events you want the automatic email to go out, and the system does the rest!
I need to email dealers with last minute information. Can Dealer Bookings do that too?
YES- you have lots of options. You can email dealers who are on a specific party, or you can email dealers by their rank, by the area they are in, or by the games they deal. Or, you can selectively email any or all dealers in your roster!
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