DEALER BOOKINGS was designed by casino party professionals to save you time and save you money. Dealer Bookings is an internet based web site that allows you to easily enter your dealers and your parties, and then broadcast your events to your dealers. Your dealers each have a private area where they can go anytime to see event that are available to them, and they can book themselves. Dealer Bookings can save you thousands of phone calls, hours of time playing phone tag, and let you concentrate on making your business more profitable.

We've worked in the industry for years and know how to help you make more money and save the hassles that go with booking parties. Unlike other scheduling software, Dealer Bookings was designed specifically for the casino party industry.

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Our system is-
  • easy to set up
  • easy to learn
  • easy to maintain
  • I love Dealer Bookings! In our first month it saved me hundreds of phone calls and let me concentrate on getting more business.


    I can't believe how easy the system is to use. It saves me both my time and my money, and that means a lot!


    A Few of Our Features:

  • Automatically email dealers notifications of upcoming parties

  • Let dealers book themselves

  • Let dealers see events by their area, games they deal, and their ranking.

  • You control what each dealer sees

  • Each dealer has their own private area to log into

  • Detailed reports of who did what, and when